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Kurs Adı: Örneklerle EJB Kursu
Hoca: Ali Rıza SARAL
E-mail: arsaral(at)yahoo.com
Tel: 0216-474 88 18

Normal kurs süresi: 5 saat
Hızlı kurs süresi: 3 saat

Kurs şekli: Örnek çalıştırma ve inceleme

Ön koşul: JAVA, XML, HTML, DBASE, JSP, JSTL, Servlet

İçerik Özeti: session beans, entity beans, JMS, JTA

İçerik Ayrıntıları ve örnek listesi:
JDev grubu: (Jdeveloper+WebLogic ile)JNDI, Stateless sess beans, Statefull session beans, BMP-Bean Managed Persistence entity beans, CMP-Content Managed Persistence, CMR-Content Managed Relations, JMS-MDB MessageDrivenBeans, JTA-CMT-ContentManagedTransaction, BMT-BeanManagedTransactionNB grubu: (NetBeans+Glassfish ile)Annotation Override Interceptor, CustomerCup, InterceptorStateless, LotteryAnnotation, ServletStateless.


Kurs Adı: Örneklerle AJAX-Asyncronous Jscript ve XML Kursu
Hoca: Ali Rıza SARAL
E-mail: arsaral(at)yahoo.com
Tel: 0216-474 88 18

Normal kurs süresi: 2 saat
Hızlı kurs süresi: 1 saat

Kurs şekli: Örnek çalıştırma ve inceleme

Ön koşul: JAVA, XML, HTML, DBASE, JSP, JSTL, Servlet, JSF

İçerik Özeti: XMLHTTPRequest, basic project structure, request states, callback function, XML DOM, JScript

İçerik Ayrıntıları ve örnek listesi:
Jdev grubu: (Jdeveloper+WebLogic ile)
Basics1, basics2, data handling, jscript-browser, jscript-core, shopping cart, XMLHTTPrequest, XHTML

XMLHTTPRequest, basic project structure, request states, callback function, XML DOM, JScript


Kurs Adı: Örneklerle Servlet Kursu
Hoca: Ali Rıza SARAL
E-mail: arsaral(at)yahoo.com
Tel: 0216-474 88 18

Normal kurs süresi: 6 saat
Hızlı kurs süresi: 3 saat

Kurs şekli: Örnek çalıştırma ve inceleme


İçerik Özeti: basic, params, cookies, request, context, session, filters, listeners, log, dbase, graphics, exceptions, html utils, inclusion.

İçerik Ayrıntıları ve örnek listesi:
JDev grubu: (Jdeveloper+WebLogic ile)
basic: def via web.xml, run, calling from, graphics, client post, client pull, simple login, post handler, parameter, authentication
contextEx: context accessor, context binder, context log, logger, object, last modified, using contexts, session tracker, parameters-init+using, logging
dbase: basit uygulama, get column names, Toad + MySQL
filters: chained, parameter passing, logging, response, restricting, send, UTF8
listeners2: context, context attribute, session, session attribute
log4j: loggerNconfig, logger servlet, log4j properties, logging filter
misc:exception throwing(2), error display, error get, exception forward, firstServlet, print form parameters
misc2: example servlet, HTMLparse ex, HTML utils, printtable, multiple inclusion, local bundle(2)
security: restrict user ip, test security, crypto?
Simple:automatic refresh, print CGI params, print header, req listener, req binder, req display
NB grubu: (NetBeans+GlassFish ile)
basic: hello, cookie, local strings, request header, request info, rrequest param, session
filters:example, request dumper, set char encoding,
compression filters: compression filter, test servlet, compression response filter, test servlet.
Listeners: context listener, session listener
Util: HTML filter


Kurs Adı: Örneklerle JSF-JSP Standard Tag Lib Kursu
Hoca: Ali Rıza SARAL
E-mail: arsaral(at)yahoo.com
Tel: 0216-474 88 18

Normal kurs süresi: 6 saat
Hızlı kurs süresi: 3 saat


Kurs şekli: Örnek çalıştırma ve inceleme

İçerik Özeti: basic, basit uygulamalar, conditionals, iterators, functions, collections, expression language, format, dbase, XML, import, sql, URL, page, context

İçerik Ayrıntıları ve örnek listesi:Jdev grubu: (Jdeveloper+WebLogic ile)basic: checkBrowser, choose, collection(4), URL(2), displayAttrib, displayValues, exception, foreach, formSelect, forTokens, functions, pageParm(3) , parseNumber, pageContext, reqURLparam, setAttrib, setVarScope, setVarTurnAround, TAGcollaborate, TAGEscape
küçük uygulamalar: chat, dateex
dbase: sqlquery, update, transaction
XML: books, parseXMLdoc, parse, XMLforeach
NB grubu: (NetBeans+GlassFish ile)
conditionals: choose, customlogictag, failure local, if
elsupport: out, set, set2
format: demo, datetime, locale, number, number locale, missing resource bundle, parametric replacement, prefix attrib, req encoding, undefined key
functions:EscapeXML, length,replace, splitjoin, String capital, String subset, String contained, trim
import:absolute, absolute ftp, context relative, encode, encode context relative, expose string, expose string relative, local sample, param, relative start slash, links, relative links session
iterators: collaboration, date types, extansability, fortokens, simple, simple range, status
misc: iterator test
SQL: Driver set up, query direct, query iterate, query param, transaction, update, session
XML: Filter, foreach, foreachdoc, if, out, parse, set, transform, when, games, included

24 Temmuz 2009 Cuma


Kurs Adı: Örneklerle JSF-Java Server Pages Kursu
Hoca: Ali Rıza SARAL
E-mail: arsaral(at)yahoo.com
Tel: 0216-474 88 18

Normal kurs süresi: 8 saat
Hızlı kurs süresi: 4 saat

Ön koşul: JAVA(iyi), XML(tanışıklık-T), HTML(T), DBASE(T)

Kurs şekli: Örnek çalıştırma ve inceleme

İçerik Özeti: basic, el, beans, cookies, exceptions, table, request-response--page-session-application, servlet, application examples, out, el, simple tags, tag files, error page, check box and other userinterfaces, include, forward, custom tags, tag plugin, JSTL test

İçerik Ayrıntıları ve örnek listesi:
JSP grubu: (Jdeveloper+WebLogic ile)
basic:application obj, button, el, JSPPost, JSTLtest, loop, postdata, showdiameter, ch1, ch2, ch3, restricted access
Beans: books,1,2,3,4, colrs, index App scope, page scope, req scope, session scope, privMethod app
Auction app:
basic, from methods, throw, multi, nesting, printstack
Wishlist app:
JSPex grubu: (Jdeveloper+WebLogic ile)
Counter, application ex, beans app scope, bean sess scope, client info, example 2,4,5, exception, full form confirm example, get cookies, MyFirstJSP ex, out ex, request, ex inner, response ex, session (3)
JSP 2.0 grubu: (NetBeans+GlassFish ile)
El: basic arith, comparisons, implicit objects, functions
Simpletag: helloworld, repeat tag, book example
Tag files: helloworld tag file, panel tag file, display products example
JSP attribute: attribute, body, shuffle example, config
JSP 1.2 grubu: (NetBeans+GlassFish ile)
Numberguess, date, snoop, error page, carts, checkbox, color, include, forward, plugin, JSP-servlet-JSP, custom tag, XML syntax
Tag plugin: if, foreach, choose
Büyük uygulama grubu: (Jdeveloper+WebLogic ile)
Bookshop, chapter22, JNDI, product support, shopping cart, store, support


Hoca: Ali Rıza SARAL
E-mail: arsaral(at)yahoo.com
Tel: 0216-474 88 18

Normal kurs süresi: 55 saat
Hızlı kurs süresi: 27 saat

Ön koşul: JAVA(iyi), XML(tanışıklık-T), HTML(T), DBASE(T)

Kurs şekli: Örnek çalıştırma ve inceleme

İçerik Özeti:
JSP (Hızlı: 3 saat, Normal: 7 saat)
JSTL (Hızlı: 4 saat, Normal: 8 saat)
Servlet (Hızlı: 3 saat, Normal: 7 saat)
JSF (Hızlı: 3 saat, Normal: 4 saat)
AJAX (Hızlı: 1 saat, Normal: 2 saat)
STRUTS (Hızlı: 2 saat, Normal: 3 saat)
HIBERNATE (Hızlı: 2 saat, Normal: 4 saat)
SPRING (Hızlı: 3 saat, Normal: 7 saat)
WEB SERVICES (Hızlı: 2 saat, Normal: 3 saat) (JAX-WS, JAXB 1 saat)
EJB (Hızlı: 4 saat, Normal: 6 saat)
JSCRIPT (Hızlı: 12 saat, Normal: 6 saat)

JQUERY(Hızlı: 6 saat, Normal: 4 saat)

JAVA DESIGN PATTERNS(Hızlı: 60 saat, Normal: 30 saat)

Kurs Hocasının Özgeçmişi

Jul 11th, 2011
Ali Riza SARAL's Curriculum Vitae

OBJECTIVE : Project Management, consultancy and hands-on problem solution in belaguered projects, software lifecycle design and improvement, compliance with standards and certification, J2EE JAVA specialist.


VBT AŞ.(Apr 12 – ): JAVA-J2EE Consultant, TUBITAK supported project for Turkish Air Lines, conversion of legacy code from Adabas-Natural to JAVA/J2EE-Oracle-Unix.

ÇİZGİ TAGEM AŞ.(Jul 11 – Apr 12): Training Consultant for J2EE JAVA, contracted to BİLGİNÇ IT ACADEMY, Advanced JAVA course, JAVA Utilities webinar, Struts Hibernate Spring intro webinar and MEDYA-SOFT IT ACADEMY JAVASCRIPT course..

STEELORBIS (Apr 11 - Jul 11) JAVA J2EE Contractor, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, JSP, JAVA, SVN, JIRA, Hudson, Squirrel, DB2, LiquiBase.
ÇİZGİ TAGEM AŞ.(Dec 10 – Apr 11): e-learning Consultant for J2EE JAVA, JSP, JQuery, JSON, Struts2, AJAX, Hibernate, Spring.

VİZYONEX AŞ.(Aug 09 – Dec 10 ): JAVA-J2EE Consultant, ADABAS/NATURAL to JAVA conversion of an international military LARGE SYSTEM. Formal languages, JavaCC, Eclipse, Tomcat, WebSphere, DB2, Aquadata.

ÇİZGİ TAGEM AŞ.(Nov 08 – Aug 09): e-learning Consultant for J2EE JAVA, Swing, JFC, JSF, AJAX, JDBC, XML, JSP, servlet, JSTL, Tomcat, Jdev, WebLogic, Struts, Hibernate, EJB3, Spring, NetBeans, GlassFish, WebServices, JAX, TOAD, MySQL, threads, ANN, graphics, games.
SPD AŞ.(Jan 08 – Oct 08): Services Director-, manager of a team of 15, customization and tailoring of HP Openview BTO software, NNM, OVO, PI, Service Management, ITIL.

Istanbul Boğaziçi Uni IEdep (Apr 08): Consultant-, Seminar on “The Role of Abstraction in HCI Design”

Marmara Uni CSEdep (Mar 08): Consultant-, Seminar on “The Role of Abstraction in HCI Design”

VIZYON-EX Ltd.(Apr 06 - Dec 07): Consultant-, Develeopment of a C++ Parser/Converter for the conversion of a Saudi military package from Natural/ADABAS to J2EE-JAVA. IBM Rational, JAVA-J2EE struts, JDBC, Oracle SQL, development. I did the feasibility and spearheaded the conversion of SABANCI Holding’s finance package with Visual Studio 2005 and C#. Organisation of lifecycle documents for claiming a TUBITAK support.

7tepe Uni CSdep (Dec 08): Seminar on the necessity of HCI–Systems Psychology course.
Ak Bank (Dec 06): One week COBOL course teacher for VIZYON as subcontractor to IBM.
Is Bank (Oct 06): One week COBOL course teacher for VIZYON as subcontractor to IBM.

XXX Jul 06 : Consultant-, I have received an offer of making HCI conversion of the possible Turkish Nuclear Reactor’s controlroom computer positions…
METAB Ltd. (Dec 05 – Apr 06 ): Consultant-, C# .NET , SVG feasibility and prototypes for GIS IT services.
CIZGI Ltd. (July 05 – Dec 05): Contractor-, VB.NET conversion from VB6 to VB.NET, ADO, COM, ActiveX, Crystall Reports, SQL server.

TUBITAK (Jun 05 - July 05): Consultant-, Aircraft certification Do178B, Do248B, ARINC for Turkey's Research Institute.

VIZYON BILGI ISLEM Ltd.(Sep 04 - Jun 05): Consultant-technical coordinator, KOSGEB Qualified Employee Aid receiver, working on an ESRI-GIS AM/FM gas utility project feasibility, IGDAS data replication AS/400 – Linux DB2, managed an SCM(Supply Chain Management) project for PBG PEPSI with MS .NET, ORACLE, SQLServer, software lifecycle improvement according to IEEE and ISO standards. C#.NET, WSDL, soap calls, GIS - SVG.

TUBITAK - BTAE(Jun 04 - August 04): Consultant, preparation of the TUBITAK-BTAE bid for the DHMI tender on the renovation of the Turkish ATC System. PCAP lib, MSVisual Studio C++, a feasibility study of reverse engineering a legal recording system for DHMI.

YEDITEPE UNIVERSITY(Sep 1999 - Jun 04): Professor, teaching Object Oriented Programming (OOP) course(C++, ADA, personal research in [CORBA, ISB, socket-prgm] and JAVA – J2EE, Design Patterns), HCI course with MIT and Stanford materials, using LINUX.

BANKSOFT Ltd. Sti.(Mar 99 - Sep 99 ):Consultant, analysis and programming in C language + WIN32 of scale ~50 000 lines on WINxxx systems.

OKYANUS Ltd. Sti.(May 97 - Mar 99):Company Owner and manager of a novice team of four. OOP, ODBC, SQL, C ext-DLLs, Pharmacy application migration to Win32; pathalogy program using advanced graphics algorithms in C, referred in a medical article.

EUROCONTROL European Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation(May 92 - May 97): Senior Analyst Programmer in the Air Traffic Control Flight Plan Processing area. The first Turkish engineer to be recruited as a civil servant to EUROCONTROL Karlsruhe, Germany. Involvement in requirements specification, close contact with ATC users, through understanding of the ATC problem domain on a large system of scale 800 000 lines in PLI, ~100 000 lines of IBM assembler(realtime OS - RTSX and radar) and 300 000 lines of ADA(control console and radar display).
PLI, ADA, C++,C programming on SUNOS, AIX UNIX, IBM3090cmp-VSE opsystems. Study of ICAO document(4444), ISO9000X, ESA standards, German mil V-model, IEEE articles related to software quality assurance, metrics, reliability, testing, reengineering.
Many courses in Flight Plan Processing, RADAR Tracking, Advanced Automation at EEC Luxemborg, C++ at IBM Hursley Park UK, Object Oriented Analysis/Design by VOLMAC Nederland, RS6000 AIX; Unix, ADA, Life*cycle, Stp (OOSD) by CRI Denmark.

BILPA-Cukurova Holding(Nov 91 - May 92): Systems Programmer EDP of Yapi Kredi Bank Istanbul. SW package customization and installation. IBM3090s MVS, VM >1200 termin.

BIMSA-Sabanci Holding(Jan 91 - Nov 91): Systems Programmer in SW package customization and installation. IBM3090s MVS, VM >1000 terminals WAN.

ORAT Office of Research in Arts Tech-ISU(May 89 - Jan 91):Research Assistant at IllinoisSU, USA. Research in CAE. Object Oriented Programming, UNIX, graphics, AI, ANN.

HOBIM-Cukurova Holding(Jun 86 - May 89): IBM 43XX-VSE systems programmer at Holding HQ, maintenance of KaraMehmed's personal Unix network.

DanubeSea Telecom Center(Apr 85 - Jun 86): Communications Engineer in Turkish Navy. hardware debugging.
RankXerox-Bilsay AS(Apr 84 - Apr 85): Electronics Engineer, PC Hardware dep.
AWARDS and CERTIFICATES : -KOSGEB qualified personnel aid(2004).
-Official documents which prove that I have fixed 23 Operational Deficiencies affecting the safety of more than 200000 passengers/day in south west and central Germany(incl.Frankfurt).
-Scholarships from CCRMA (Center for Computer Research and Acoustics) lab of Stanford University California, USA and ORAT(Office of Research in Arts Technology) lab of ISU, USA.
-Acceptance qualification for a PhD study at USC Computer Science LA, California, as a result of excellent scores in international exams for Graduate Studies (1994).
-TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score : 647 (Oct 93)
-GRE (Graduate Record Examination) score : Verbal 460 (> %43), Quantitative : 730 (> %84), Analytical : 550 ( > %52) (Oct 93)

-SERENDIPITY(SEREN RUZGARI – Bir Mühendisin Kaleminden) ÇİZGİ Yayınları, book of my articles
-Many articles on HCI and ATC at
www.airport.com , BBC-action network and www.çizgi.com.tr
and at ÇİZGİ Söğüt Gölgesi:
-19 music compositions of various sizes upto an oratorio for large orchestra, total ~3 hours.

EDUCATION : -MSc. at the Electronics and Telecommunications department of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) (1982 - 1984). Thesis: "On the Realisation of Digital Filters with Micro-Processors", digital circuit design, assembler & machine language(Zilog,Intel,Motorola).
-B.Sc. at the Electronics and Telecommunications department of ITU (1978 - 1982). Thesis: "On the Realisation of Discreet Time Switch Capacitor Filters".
-Ankara Science Lise (1975 - 1978), Kadikoy Maarif College (Middle) (1971 - 1975).
-Second M.M in Theory and Composition at the ISU Music Dep Illinois, USA.
-University pregraduate degree in Music Composition at Istanbul State Conservatoir.
-CCRMA-Stanford(90) California-USA and IMD-Darmstadt(96)-GERMANY courses.
-Born July 1960, in Turkey. Speaks English, German, Turkish. Understands French.
Addres: Barbaros Mah. Sedef Sk. Onur Sit. 13/13 Üsküdar / ISTANBUL
Telephone: 90 (216) 474 – 8818
E-mail: arsaral (at) yahoo.com
CV - Resume - Özgeçmiş

Kurslar ve Kurs Hocasının Tanıtımı

Eğitim İçeriği:
Bu kurs J2EE-Java 2 Enterprise Edition içeriğini oluşturan JSP, JSTL, Servlet, JSF, AJAX, STRUTS, HIBERNATE, SPRING, EJB, WEBSERVICES, JSCRIPT, JQUERY ve JAVA Design Patterns konularını içerir.
Kimler Katılabilir: Eğitimlere JAVA, XML, HTML bilen ya da aşinalığı olan kişiler katılabilir. İhtiyaç olursa bu konularda da öğrenci ihtiyacına göre hazırlayıcı, eksikleri tamamlayıcı kurs düzenleyebiliriz.

Eğitim Programının Amaçları: Amacımız JAVA programlamağı bilen piyasa profesyonellerine veya piyasada tutunmağa çalışan yeni mezun ya da meraklılara HIZLI bir J2EE tanıtımı yapmak, ya da J2EE kavramlarını elle tutulur bir şekilde öğretmektir.

Eğitimin Yapılış Şekilleri:
Eğitimler özel ders şeklinde arzu ettiğiniz herhangi bir saatte ve yerde yapılabilir. Grup dersi şeklinde sizin öngöreceğiniz bir mekanda büyük olasılıkla Mecidiyeköy civarında bir mekanda yapılabilir.

Ayrıca, birlikte, J2EE'yi oluşturan konulardan herhangi bir veya bir kaçını içeren özel kurs düzenlemeleri yapabiliriz. Bu tür özel kursların hız ve uygulama miktarını birlikte sizin ihtiyaçlarınıza göre belirleyebiriz.

Eğer öğrenci uygulama yapmak ve tecrübe kazanmak isterse, o öğrenciye yönelik bir düzenleme yapabiliriz. Bu durumda her konuya ilişkin belirtilen normal süreleri iki misline çıkartmak gerekir.

Bizi nasıl bulabilirsiniz:
E-mail: arsaral (at) yahoo.com
Tel: 0216 - 474 88 18

Kurs Hocası Ali Rıza SARAL Hakkında Ali Rıza SARAL, İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi Elektronik ve Haberleşme Bölümü’nden Lisans(BSc - 82) ve Master(MSc - 84) derecelerine sahiptir. Ankara Fen lisesi mezunudur. Çukurova-HOBİM, Sabancı Holding-BİMSA, Yapı Kredi Bankası–BİLPA ve EUROCONTROL (Avrupa Hava Güvenlik Kuruluşu) Software Team Karlsruhe–ALMANYA’da eleman olarak çalışmıştır.

EUROCONTROL’de 5 yıl süren görevi sırasında Almanya hava sahasının Frankfurt’u da içine olan büyük bir kısmında günlük hava trafiğinin güvenliğini sağlamak için gerekli bakım ve geliştirme yazılım işlerini "Senior Analyst Programmer" olarak yapmıştır. Son yıllarda Vizyon, Çizgi Elektronik, ve TUBİTAK-BTAE’de danışmanlık, SPD A.Ş.'de yöneticilik yapmış İBU, Yeditepe ve Marmara Üniversitelerinde konferanslar vermiştir. www.airport.com, www.ucuyorum.com havacılık sitelerinde ve Çizgi Söğüt Gölgesinde düzenli makaleler yazmaktadır. Yeditepe Üniversitesi Bilgisayar bölümünde 4,5 yıl "Object Oriented Programming", "Human Computer Interaction", "Technical English" dersleri vermiştir. AKBANK ve İş Bankası'nda IBM adına danışman olarak dersler de vermiştir.
ABD’de Illinois’e yaptığı Elektronik Müzik ve Bestecilik - Müzik Teorisi üzerine yaptığı ikinci Master (MM – 1991) sırasında ORAT (Office of Research in Arts Tech) ve Stanford – CCRMA (Center for Computer Research in Acoustics and Music)’te burs karşılığı araştırma görevlisi olarak çalışmıştır. ISU eğitim konusunda, Stanford teknik ve bilimsel açıdan ABD’nin önde gelen üniversiteleridir.